House Plans - Quay



Bathrooms: 2
Bedrooms: 4

Stories: 2
Area: 227m/sq

Enjoy the vey best with a brick/weatherboard combination, 4 bedrooms and a circular stairway for a home with a difference. 

4 COPY SET (1 Colour & 3 Black and White)
8 COPY SET (2 Colour & 4 Black and White)
4 COPY SET - WITH PLAN MODIFICATION (plan reversals, room changes & additions etc)
8 COPY SET - WITH PLAN MODIFICATION (plan reversals, room changes & additions etc)

All plans are drawn on A3 or larger size pages, scale of drawings are generally determined by the Zimbabwe By-Laws and range from 1:25 and higher and can include the following:
  • SITE PLAN: this drawing is generally 1:200 or 1:500 and contains the location of the new and existing buildings on the site.
  • FOUNDATION PLAN: often the foundation plan and the site plan are depicted in the same drawing. A typlical foundation plan will show the base footings to be excavated and filled, they will also show the areas to pour the slabs, and includes dimentions of walls.
  • EXTERNAL ELEVATIONS: are 2D look at the sides of the buildings showing the materials to be used in the construction process, some dimentions and underground drainage.
  • FLOOR PLAN(S): Detailed plans, showing the sizes/dimentions, wall partitions window and door locations, floor levels, floor materials.
  • CROSS SECTION: A vertical cut through the building from the roof to the foundation which demonstrates in more detail the methods of construction used to erect the building.
  • DRAINAGE PLAN: The drinage plan is often shown on the floor plan and the Site Plan to outline the methods of evacuating Foul Water from the building.
  • MODIFICATIONS TO PLANS: If youve chosen to modify the plans in any way, the prices shown with modifications above are inclusive of 4 hours of work to manipulate the plans.

  • ALSO INCLUDED THAT WE DO FOR FREE (to make your life easier):
  • WINDOW & DOOR SCHEDULES: This is a detailed schedule of the sizes of the external doors and windows of the home.
  • ROOF PLAN: This is an aerial view of the building and shows the outline and pitch of the roof fall.
  • SEPTIC TANK & SOAK AWAY: On occasion your site may require a detailed drawing of a septic tank and drainage to soak away, we offer this drawing at no attitional cost to you.

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